Hunt Test & Dog Show Package

I am always looking for new hunt tests to Photograph

If you want me to work one of yours,

I have 3 ways to make it happen.

1st Option  

Book Me as the Photographer of the weekend.   All photos taken will be the club's to do with as they see fit. 

I would get an hourly fee for my time and that would be the end of my part.


2nd Option  

Book DRS Photos for a club fundraiser.  I would charge a $25.00 fee (or feeding me will work) to show up for the

whole weekend and take any and all photos asked. 

10% of all photo Package orders or $5.00 per Package would go back to the club who booked me.

3rd Option  

Book me in advance for a Hunt Test.  I will show up and take the photos I think need to be taken. 

I will stay out of the way.  I only ask that promo information for DRS Photos is given to all who are running dogs at the show. 

Helps in getting photos to them at the end of the show.




If the Hunt Test or dog show is more than 90 miles away and a multi-day event, I will need a place to stay. 

If at all possible, it would be great if the club heading the event could provide or assist with this.

All I will need for a booking is an E-Mail/phone call/or letter of intent from someone from a club wanting me to attend.

You can E-Mail me at drs@drsphotos.net or call me in Tallahassee:

Biz# (920) 312-3011

You can snail mail me a form printed from this PDF file.

PDF file

I hope to see you this year!



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