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Thank you for the  wonderful photo!  Chief is one handsome beast with a bird in his mouth.  Dave really captured his great face and beautiful color really well.

Melissa Wojciechowski
Marsh & Glen Hunting Poodles and Labs

WOW!  We just received our photo collage today!  Absolutely loved it!  Thank you so much!  Can't wait to get in a frame!  You do beautiful work!
Kip and Jodi Dixon

I am browsing your site with my son, Joshua. Really enjoying! His favorite is the caterpillar! Looks like you have a very nice house for Florida! The pink tile in the bathroom is just like ours:)

I will be sure to keep up with your site!

Enjoy Florida!


Hi Dave,
I just had a chance to look at the posters, and they look great!  I really like #2, and don't think it needs anything else added to it.  


Thanks so much!



All the photos are very nice.
Carol Paplham

I love looking at the pictures of Shelter Trek. They are great! Now I get to see who all was there. Thanks for another great job with the pictures. Going to miss having you here!

Hugs, Cheryl

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